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Eco - Board

Welcome to the Green School Eco Board where we will be sharing what we cover in each of our amazing sessions!

Our Eco Code:

Be Bold

Don't Litter

Listen to each other

Help each other 

Stay Hydrated


Respect each other's opinions

Image by Sergei A

Session One:

What is green school?

About the environment, curriculum, Group work skills, presentation skills, working out your place in the world.

1.Eco committee: A group of young people who, with the support of an eco-coordinator and its student lead.
What we need to do?
Ella, Elijah, and Mia. Meeting at least once a week.

Pupils are involved in running and keeping meeting minutes. Pupils ensure the rest of the school are kept up to date on the program.      


2. Environmental Reviews: A set of fact-finding questions linked to our 10 eco-committee understand what environmental work your school is doing.
What do we need to do?

  • We need to cover all 10 topics in the eco-school’s guidelines.

  • Have a copy of your eco-schools, environmental review is displayed on your eco-board.

3. Action plan: Developing and growing document help us plan and manage actions for 3 eco-school topics.

What do we need to do?

  • Produce an action plan:

Action plan contains projects and actions for three of the ten eco-schools’ topics, your action plan is completed on one of the provide eco-schools templates or contains all the information.

4. Curriculum links: Including environment education in a variety of different curriculum are educating a variety of year groups during the school year. E.g., Fossil fuels is on the physics topic list

What we need to do?

  • Environmental issues related to any of the ten eco-schools’ topic have been covered in your school’s curriculum at least three times, Evidence of environment curriculum links is displayed on your eco-board.

5. Informing and involving: Engaging the wider community in eco-projects and actions for the 3 eco-schools topics chosen.
What we need to do?

  • Your school has a prominent, designated and up to date eco board, your eco-committee community with your

school in a variety of ways, opportunity to participate in eco-schools’ work.

6.Monitoring and evaluating: Assessing the impact of the topic work in your action plan, addressing what worked well, what needed adapting and how your eco-committee could develop their eco-creations in the
What we need to do?

  • Your eco-committee monitors and evaluates the success of projects in their action plan.

- Minuets from our first meeting taken by Elijah

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