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Early Years and Key Stage 1



 Our tutors will support your child's knowledge and use of literacy in a fun and friendly way.

Playing Guitar

The Arts

Want to develop your ability in Music, Drama and The Arts? Our tutors are ready to boost you confidence!

Math Notebook and Calculator


Your child's lesson plan will help them grasp the basics of number, shape and space.

Arts & Crafts


Arts and crafts can be so much fun and we can help to extend your child's passion and talents. 



Fun, creative and engaging ways for your child to develop their phonetical awareness.

Science Class


With our experienced and talented science tutors, we can make the scientific world easier to understand. 

Group Tuition

To register your interest in group tuition, please contact us now. Group tutoring offers the same great learning opportunities at a lower cost and with the added benefit of social interaction. These can be arranged online or face to face depending on locality.

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