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Green School

Inspiring a Better World

What is Green School?

What is Green School?

Green school is a new club being set up by Bright Sparks Tutors. It draws upon the expertise of teachers and specialists in the field of conservation and aims to support learning and understanding alongside the framework set out by ‘eco-schools’. Our aim is to give children and young people the tools protect our planet.

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What will the meetings consist of?

Our meetings will be led by the children with an adult acting as the facilitator. Ultimately, it will be up to the children and young people to decide what they want to learn, what kind of activities they’d like to see and what kind of projects they’d like to start. The role of the facilitator will be to direct learners to appropriate resources and give them the tools and knowledge to succeed. 



Each session will cost £5 per student, although we can provide discounts for siblings who are connecting on the same computer. This is to ensure that we can pay our teachers as well as invest in further equipment and resources for the club.

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What is the eco-school framework, and how Green School support it?

The eco-school framework identifies seven steps that put children and young people at the heart of environmental action. These seven steps are primarily focused on physical areas such as schools or nurseries. At Green School, our aim is to translate these seven steps into actions that we can all take with our students being supported every step of the way. This includes: creating a committee of students who are dedicated to investigating and researching greener ways of life, creating green action plans to support students’ own environment and developing an eco-code.


What kind of activities can we look forward to?

Throughout our sessions we will have themes running as well as the opportunity for guest speakers to come and talk with the students. The themes will be decided by the students but may include: upcycling projects, fashion, gardening, animal welfare etc. We will also have the opportunity to raise money for projects or charities and the students will look forward to collaborating with others from all of the world.

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How can we find out more?

We will be hosting some live events across facebook into the new year to provide answers to any questions.

You can also email:



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