Our Ethos

What makes us Who we Are

We believe that learning should be fun, inspirational and accessible to all

Many children and young people lose confidence as they progress in education and often need a little support in the core subjects. This usually involves identifying the gaps and helping your learner to bridge them in fun and inspiring ways. Whether they need more confidence to catch up, or they are excelling and need challenging, we will work with you to find the best way to support them in their next steps of learning.

Your Child's Needs

We  focus on the 'whole' child. We take into account the student's ideas, aspirations and needs before setting them up with a tutor. We match tutors with the right experience and qualifications.

Girl with Binoculars

Our Planet

We want to make the world a better place for our children. With this in mind, we have launched our green school which is a weekly club that sets out to inspire students to challenge themselves and improve their local environment.

Green Balconies


Relationships are fundamental and we strive to ensure that our tutor's personalities and approach match with yours. This makes every session fun and stress free!

Finger Painting


Bright Sparks Tutors is dedicated to ensure that our students and tutors are treated fairly and according to their individual needs. 

Student and Teacher at the Computer
Massive Well Done!

At Bright Sparks we want to boost our student's learning as much as we can and inpire a passion for their work that leads to the creation of amazing pieces. 

Here are a few examples of work from our students that we are particularaly proud of...

Certificate of Quality - Amy. PNG.PNG
Guard cells 1.PNG
Guard Cells 2.PNG